Music releases (With various labels including EMI, Sony, East West, Maverick, Universal).

2012 – Ear Movies Vol.1 (coming soon!)
2012 – Piano Magic – Jar of Echoes (remix)
2011 – Earthling ‘Insomniacs’ Ball’ (LP written & produced)
2009 – Julee Cruise ‘Fly away’ (production).
2007 – Kid Loco ‘Pretty Boy Floyd’ (remix).
2007 – Rhett Brewer – ‘In the moment’ (remix).
2006 – McKay ‘Tell it like it is’ (remix).
2004 – Julee Cruise ‘Everybody knows’ (remix).
2003 – Marc Gauvin ‘Obsede moi’ (remix).
2002 – Mozella ‘Mozella’ (LP pre-production).
2000 – Stephanie Mckay ‘Mckay’ (LP written & co-produced).
1999 – Intik “Intik’ (LP written & co – produced), Alexander Roos ‘Alexander Roos’ (LP production).
1998 – Kid Loco ‘Love me sweet’ (remix), Receiver ‘Santa Maria’ (remix),Little Weed ‘Lovegroove’ (remix),Flux ‘Last conversation’- (written & produced).
1997- Portishead ‘Only you’ (remix), A.D. ‘If I could fly’ (remix), Earthling ‘Blood music EP’ (written & produced).
1996 – Earthling ‘Human Dust’ (LP written & produced & featuring Ray Manzarek from The Doors.
1995 – Earthling ‘1st Transmission’ (2 remixes), Earthling ‘Nefisa’ (remix), Earthling ‘Echo on my mind’ (written & produced), Shara Nelson (Massive Attack) – ‘Nobody’ (remix), Brahim Izri ‘L’Boudala’ (remix), Segun ‘Sweet Surrender’ (production).
1994 – Portishead ‘Numb’ (remix), Roz ‘A-yo Ah’ite’ (remix), Urban Species ‘Brother’ (remix), Earthling ‘Radar’ (LP written & produced), Earthling ‘Nothing’ (written & produced).
1993 – Portishead ‘Dummy’ (pre-production), Federation – ‘Rusty James’ (remix with Geoff Barrow).


Film Credits:

2010 – Title: Holocaust Memorial Film (Documentary)
Production: HMDT/Chocolate Films (UK)
Director: Mark Curry
Role: Composer

2009 – Title: Legacy of Hope (Short Documentary)
Production: Holocaust Memorial Day Trust/Chocolate Films (UK)
Director: Mark Curry
Role: Composer

2009 – Title: Paula (Short)
Production: Libuela Films (UK/Spain)
Director: Guillermo Ibanez
Role: Composer

2009 – Title: Together (Short).
Production: PB Filmproduktion & 011 Productions (Ger/UK).
Director: Eicke Bettinga
Role: Composer

2008 – Title: Crossing Borders (Feature Documentary).
Production: Morocco Exchange (Spain).
Director: Arnd Wachter
Role: Composer

2008 – Title: As yet Unknown
Production: Gaumont/Philippe Delettrez (Fr).
Role: Composer and Arranger

2008 – Title: Afro-Saxons (Feature Documentary).
Production: Chocolate Films (UK).
Directors: Mark Curry and Rachel Wang.
Role: Composer and Sound Designer

2007 – Title: Midnight Feast (Short).
Production: LSC (UK).
Director: Esther Theaker.
Role: Composer

2005 – Title: Hounds (Short) –
Production: London Film School
Director: Daniel Silber (UK/Germany).
Role: Composer

TV Credits

2011 – Music for Academy Awards TV Campaign/ABC (USA)
Production: Meat & Potatoes
Director: Ryan Gibson
Role: Composer

2009 – Title: Make your Mark Series
Production: Red Bee Media/BBC (UK).
Director: Michelle Brooks
Role: Composer

2007 – Title: TF1 Drama series
Production: TF1 and Philippe Delettrez
Role: Composer and Arranger (Fr).

2003 – Channel 5 Science Program (UK).
Production: Tanuki 8/Jona Cox
Role: Composer

2002 – Title: Hypa TV Theme
Role: Composer


2011 – Music composition & Sound Design for Qualcomm Advertising campaign (USA)
Production: Spine
Director: Scott Mires
Role: Composer & Sound Designer

2009 – Velvet Lab – Musical arrangements (Fr).

2002 – Title: Levi’s ‘Breakdancer’ TV commercial (USA).
Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day
Role: Composer

2001 – Title: Lexus’ ‘Black & Silver’ – TV/Cinema commercial (USA).
Agency: Team One/Saatchi and Saatchi

Library Music:

2008 – Title: Standard 100 Compilation.
Company: Standard Music Library (UK).
Role: Composer

2007 – Title: Massive Beats
Company: KOKA Media (Fr).
Role: Composer

2006 – Title: Cool and Composed.
Company: Standard Music Library (UK).
Role: Composer


2011 – Music composition, production & Sound Design for France Inter (Fr)

2011 – Music composition, production & Sound Design for France Culture (Fr)

2007 – RTL (Fr).
Role: Composer and Arranger

2006 to 2008 – France Inter (Fr).
Role: Composer and Arranger and Re-mixer.

All in collaboration with Philippe Delettrez.

Online Media Composition:

2012 – Jill Greenberg (Photographer) Showreel
Role: Composer

2011 – BBC Stargazing Live (UK)
Role: Music Producer, Project management & Workshop facilitator.

2010 – Title: Music for Holocaust Day Memorial Trust Podcast (UK)
Role: Composer

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